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Motorcycle Adventure Tours: China

China is often viewed as a country with far too many people, far too many factories and week-long traffic jams. So who in their right minds would choose to drive through this urban sprawl on two wheels in the search of fun?

Not us.

Motorcycle Adventure Tours China

Because beyond the overpopulated cities are vast swathes of lesser beaten tracks. Some of these tracks lead through stunning scenery, along serene alpine lakes and beneath sacred Buddhist mountains, over snow-covered passes and among hardy peoples in their element, isolated from the rest of the world by forces of nature. Many of these people, from cultures thousands of years old, have never seen a Westerner before.

Motorcycle Adventure Tours through China immerse you in your surroundings.Fresh air and wide open spaces and terrifyingly immense wilderness, where you know that the forces of nature are indifferent to your existence and you need to be careful where you tread. It is true adventure.  You feel the wind, the sun on your face, realise that each place has its own distinctive smell and energy. No day is the same, and there’s always a new corner to turn to see and feel something you’ve never experienced before.


It’s not comfortable. It’s not easy. But with every hard hour you give to the road, it gives you it all back tenfold, in the form of unforgettable experiences, the kind that will stay with you for years.

What better way to learn about the real China than on two wheels?

China is changing fast. New super-highways and power-stations are opened every other day. Not only are the pristine valleys of the isolated parts of China being affected by China’s meteoric growth, but transport routes are being improved, making it easier for more people to get to remote areas. It’s only a matter of years before the beautiful places become part of the tourist circuit.

Ride the legendary (and notorious) 318 highway to Tibet. Cross passes 5 kilometres above sea level. Eat delicious local cuisine.Learn about the fascinating traditions of isolated cultures. Visit Shangri-la. Drive along Tiger Leaping Gorge under Jade Dragon Mountain.

Experience True Chinese Adventure!

If you are looking for incredible, up-close-and-personal experiences with the real China, ride a motorcycle through South-western China. If you are looking for a challenging adventure among astonishing landscapes in a region of the world that few people have visited before.

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